Info Session This Month… But what do I wear?

How does one dress to demonstrate that they are ready to be a parent? A cardigan? A T-shirt that reads “Worlds Greatest Dad”?

Shortly after our engagement we booked ourselves into an information session with Adoption Options.  They are the adoption agency that we will be working with through this journey.  We have done a lot of research and know that this is the right organization for us.

When we explain to people that we will be looking at an open adoption, the reactions vary.  We have heard everything from “What does that mean?” to “Doesn’t that worry you?”.

We think it is a beautiful option to be able to offer both our child and the Birth Mother the option of knowing each other, and to provide on going contact for our Birth Mother.  The depth of ongoing contact is up to the Mother, but even if it is simply providing her with a yearly picture and letter, we think it is beautiful.

This video from Adoption Options is one of the most incredible videos showing the beauty of an open adoption.

We know our journey may be long, but it is just that..a journey and not a destination.  There are application meetings, education sessions, preparing our file and home studies.  Sounds daunting to some, but for us they are just steps along the path to parenthood.

Now that we have officially started our adoption process, I am looking at everything with fresh eyes.  Trips to the mall I notice more babies than ever.  I find myself thinking “oh this would be a great thing to share with our baby”, when we do things like pick our seasonal campsite for the summer or I walk past the Build a Bear in the mall.

Our reading lists are also beginning to change.. parenting books and books about adoption have become the norm.

We know in our hearts that we will be picked to be parents to a beautiful child.  The day will come when the baby we were meant to raise is ready for us.  Until then.. what does one wear to adoption information sessions?

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2 thoughts on “Info Session This Month… But what do I wear?”

  1. My husband and I had the same thoughts when we started going to classes at our agency. The first couple ones we tried to look kind of professional but later we realized they would find out about casual us anyway (like his tattoos) and he just started going in t-shirts and jeans.

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