Kiss Me I’m Irish..

St. Patrick’s Day is here, and it was this holiday when I realize that I have been prepping for a child my whole life.  Well at least for the last 11 years.

Pretty soon this high chair will have three occupants...
Pretty soon this high chair will have three occupants…

 Last night as I was laying out R’s clothes for work; and making sure that he was appropriately dressed for St. Patrick’s day with as much green as he would accept, I realized I’m going to be one of those holiday parents.

It was in that moment of coordinating his green sweater with his green checked shirt, that I became aware that I have been coordinating him for the holidays since the beginning of our relationship.  Red and pink on Valentine’s Day, Orange and black on Halloween (he refuses to wear a costume.. I’ve tried), I’ve even made a hideous Christmas sweater complete with flashing lights.  Luckily he is a good sport, or just simply doesn’t care what I am sending him out of the house wearing.

Just think of the fun I am going to have with a child.  Baking for every holiday and event.  I need a calendar… and what would one bake for Arbour Day, leaf cookies?

R’s Mom used to famously decorate the house for every day with a designation, hanging banners in the window for the neighbourhood (Father’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s, Easter..).  We used to laugh, but some how I have morphed into “that” person.  You know what.. I’m o.k with it.

Irish Hills Cupcakes from
Irish Hills Cupcakes from

I was recently looking through holiday recipes and came across the website and there are so many great recipes on here.  I especially liked the look of these Irish Hills Cupcakes.  Mmmm so good.

Days like today are about having fun, celebrating the moments and being a kid.  So throw on that green sweater, eat your cupcakes… and Kiss Me I’m Irish!


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