Another Step Along The Path

This week was pretty awesome. We had our first one on one meeting with the adoption agency, started our application and left feeling great.This is the right time and absolutely the right decision!

Now we have some homework. Part of the process is for each of us to fill out two questionnaires. One questionnaire will make up part of our homestudy and the other will be part of the initial package presented to prospective birth moms.

A photo from our hike this fall on Hecla Island
A photo from our hike this fall on Hecla Island

The questions for the home study cover everything you can imagine, from how we were each raised, what forms of discipline were used by our parents to whether or not we are sexually compatible. It’s a very interesting process which really gets you thinking and talking as a couple. There are even questions about past dating experiences etc. I love the exercise!  hen again, as a chronic overachiever I love homework and assignments… so I’m a little “different”.

The second question set are questions and information that will make up the first documents that will be presented to birth mothers. These are an opportunity for us to talk about who we are as people, what our family is like, our relationship, heritage and views on various elements of raising a child. Again, another great process and a chance to continue our dialogue as a couple.

These questions are good to review and talk about now, prior to the next step which is our two-day education session scheduled in May.  We are trucking along!

One of the most wonderful part of this process has been the overwhelming support and love from all of our friends, family, co-workers and fellow bloggers.  It gives us strength, it lets us know that not only are we loved, but that our child is going to be welcomed with open arms and incredible support.  Both R and I and our future baby are very fortunate to have such an amazing support network.

It enables us to continue down this path with confidence and support.  Thank you!!

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Two Dads journey to raise two amazing kids, without losing our minds!

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