Let’s Make It Official

We have made a decision, that we feel will be best for our application process.  We are going to expedite our marriage, so that we can include our marriage certificate in our application.

Originally our thought was that it would be fine going in engaged, but having been in a relationship for over 11 years.  Afterall, you are able to adopt if you are common law.  What we have come to realize, however, is that if an expectant Mother were to be asked “What kind of family are you thinking of for your baby?” and her response included “married”, we would not be presented as an option.

With this in mind I reached out to an amazing Marriage Commissioner that I know Deb Tycholiz, and we talked dates.  It appears as though we will be getting married May 23, 2015 in my livingroom.

I'll drag him to the alter if I have to.
I’ll drag him to the altar if I have to.


I like to keep things moving and things are certainly moving.  R wasn’t aware I was going to book the date until I texted him at work asking if he was “available to get married May 23rd?”.




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