Seeing Rainbows- Symbols or Wishful Thinking?

Now that we are officially in waiting status, I find that my mind is no longer consumed with what our next step is or focusing on our next milestone in the process.

What is on my mind are the thoughts of our future baby and “getting the call”. I am seeing reminders everywhere, and  I also find that I am asked on a regular basis, “Do you know how long it will take?”.  I have become very good with my canned response of, “It could happen anytime.  We could get the call in an hour, or in six years.” With the constant reminders and babies on my brain, I find that I am watching for signs and symbols.

Over the past week, I have been seeing a lot of rainbows. IMG_1371Maybe it is because there has been rain, but these rainbows are vibrant and in some cases have appeared even when there isn’t rain. These sighting have led me to wonder whether there was symbolism or meaning in seeing rainbows.

Low and behold, there is! The rainbow symbolizes so much in many cultures, but consistently it is seen as a message or reminder from spirit. One descriptor I read stated that “It is no coincidence to see a rainbow.. it is a close encounter with a powerful sign from Spirit.  IMG_1355

These close encounters tell us that Spirit is gently reminding us to stay on our path and not get distracted or be in a rush. The treasures of the rainbow are ours and will come in beautiful and unexpected forms.. release expectations and embrace the gifts and beauty.”

In Celtic wisdom, the rainbow is called Kambonemos, meaning “curve of the sky”. The Celts love their curves and arches. They believed that curves are emblems of crescent moons and the divine feminine presence. The reference to lunar/feminine energy, means connecting with symbolism dealing with provision, fertility, and prosperity.IMG_1378

When you think about it arches, crescents, moons, rainbows are all reminiscent of the prominent swell in a mother’s belly, full with child. Another interesting fact… according to Celtic lore, making love under a rainbow is said to ensure successful pregnancy.

I don’t think that would necessarily work with us.

Regardless of whether the fact that I am seeing rainbows is a message from spirit; when I see them I am taking notice.  I am taking that moment to acknowledge their beauty and reflect on our goal of becoming parents.

It doesn’t have to be rainbows, it can be a sunset and rustle of fallen leaves or a quiet moment of silence. We should simply take time to reflect.

Find something everyday that encourages you to take a moment from your life and focus on your dreams, goals and be thankful for all you have.



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