One Year File Review

We are rapidly coming up on our one year file review this September.  It is hard to believe that nearly one year ago we were officially approved and placed in “the box”.  One year of waiting hasn’t been so bad actually.  Yes, there were times where we (me) become impatient, but generally I feel as though I have handled it well.

As our official file review is on September 30th, we have to complete the following items again:  Criminal Record Checks with finger prints for both R and myself and R’s Dad because he lives with us, medical reports (for each of us) and then an update to our home study.   Fun!  I have called and made appointments for each of our medical exams, and we are making the trip to the police department on the 25th to get fingerprinted.

Then we have to review our photos and such and determine if we are making any changes.  We won’t be making any changes to our profile package, it is strong and isn’t necessary for us to change anything at this time.

It sounds like a lot of work, but it is all worth it.  What we don’t want to happen is for us to get a match and baby is set to be placed in September, and our checks etc are not up to date.  That could delay the process.  With the adoption process, you need to have these up to date up past the 21 day period past placement.

It doesn’t seem like a lot of work for R because I schedule his appointments and he just shows up.  I think I need an assistant too!

I re-read my blog post On The Edge of the Box .  It was great to reflect back on that period last year, and remember all of the nervousness and excitement associated with awaiting approval.  The excitement still exists, but for very different reasons.  Now, we are excited because you just never know when you will get the call that you have been matched and selected.

What will be even more challenging is that when that happens, I won’t be sharing until after we have had our child for 3 weeks.  I think my plan will be to write a series of unpublished blogs during that time to document that phase… then when we can share, I will publish to the world!




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