It’s A Boy!!! We Are Now Dads!!

Yes! We are officially Dad’s to an amazing little boy, born September 29, 2016 and placed in our arms October 1, 2016.  We are Fathers to Conor Robert William, born at 7 lbs 8oz.

Conor Robert William Born September 29, 2016

Many of you have likely noticed I stopped blogging back in July.. the reason is that we found out that we were selected by a birth Mom.  I wasn’t entirely confident that I could continue to blog about our adoption experience without hinting that we were successful.  So I opted to stay away on line.  On July 4, 2016 while Rob and I were at the lake, he got a call on his cell phone.  I was doing dishes at the time, and heard Rob answer his phone and suddenly become very official.  He then extended his hand to me and asking me to put his cell on speaker phone.  I recognized the number immediately.. it was Adoption Options.  It was THE call.

Such an angel

On the other end was one of the Adoption Counsellors letting us know that a birth mother had reviewed our profile and wanted to meet us.  She began to give us the details about the birth mother and she sounded perfect. After a half an hour on the line, we ended the call with all of the details about our birth mom and the due date of our potential future child.. September 16, 2016.  After the call we both looked at each other and said, “This is it.. we are going to be Dads”.  It seemed surreal, it was hard to wrap my head around.  We had waited 9 months, and we were actually getting the call!!

Writing this almost 4 months after “the call”, it is still hard to believe.

Baby snoozes

I remember that immediately after the call I went to my bag and pulled out my adoption binder.  I was going into planning mode.  We were going to meet our birth mother on July 11th.  The anxiety began to kick in. This meeting was an opportunity for her to meet us, and decide if she wanted to move forward after meeting us in person. That week I felt like I was walking on clouds, wanting to tell anyone that would listen and at the same time cognoscente that we had to meet the person that could change our lives forever and hopefully not “mess it up”.

Fast forward to July 11th. In typical fashion, R and I arrived a half an hour early for our meeting.  We were both nervous beyond believe.  The things that run through your mind prior to such a meeting are things such as “Don’t mess it up”, “What if we don’t live up to our profile?”, “This is the most important meeting of our lives”. When I’m nervous my bladder works over time.  I wore a path from the meeting room to the bathroom.  We were half an hour early and our birth mom was a half an hour late, due to construction. Then we heard the bell of the front door and my stomach dropped.  I grabbed R’s hand and said, “This is it”.  Our objective was to just be us, to just be who we are and to not try too hard. Our meeting was amazing. We spent a few hours talking and laughing.  Our birth mother is incredible.  She is intelligent, beautiful, funny and someone we really enjoy spending time with.conor-20-of-30

In this meeting we also found out that we were having a boy. We could actually plan!  Over the next few months, we continued to develop a relationship with our baby’s birth mother.  We texted regularly, went out for dinner, hung out at the Corn and Apple Festival.  It is unusual to have so much lead time, but for us it worked out very well.  It allowed us to develop a relationship. We selected his name Conor and his middle name William (after my Dad), our birth Mom chose Robert after her step father (but it worked so well for us too!).

Our 3 month build up to Conor’s birth turned into almost 4 months.. as he decided to come 12 days past his due date. image1Then on September 29th at 2:28 AM our little boy was born, just 364 days after our adoption file was officially approved. He was then placed in our arms on October 1st, and our lives were changed forever.

He has been a dream!  And we are loving every moment.  Just so glad that we can now reveal our secret to the world.

I can now blog again, and the blog will no longer be about a waiting couple.. it will be about two parents to an amazing little boy. A little boy that loves to eat…. he has already gained 2lbs in the last 3 weeks. Yikes!

Nana and Papa meeting Conor for the first time (3 days old)


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Two Dads journey to raise two amazing kids, without losing our minds!

8 thoughts on “It’s A Boy!!! We Are Now Dads!!”

  1. Micheal and handsome Rob I literally burst out in tears when I read this. I am so very happy for you both. You both have been on my mind lately and know I know why. All your pininterest post Rob will come in handy. Congratulations to you both you will be amazing parents. Love ya xoxo

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