When the Time Comes…

So I will admit that I love to shop.  I enjoy spending time at home on my laptop cruising the internet and making future selections. Whether it is choosing furniture for fictional future cottage, or in the case of the last year… shopping for our future child.

When the time comes, executing on my plan will be quite easy really.  I have everything selected from my future crib, the stroller and right down to the swaddlers.  Too much?  I don’t think so.  I am not a huge subscriber to gender specific items, but rather I tend to gravitate to the classic good quality items that can grow with our child.

I am obsessed with the Mountain Buggy Luxury Collection in Nautical

My stroller of choice is the Mountain Buggy Luxury Collection . Stylish, classic, elegant. Plus the practicality is off the charts.  Gorgeous.

The other part about the Mountain Buggy is that the safety and quality ratings across the board are incredible.  It is gender neutral in my opinion and will grow with our child. Did I mention it has leather handles, cup holder and a matching diaper bag? Sweet!

My crib of choice is classic in design, neutral in pallet.  I really like the Jonesport Convertible Crib in Cloud grey.

Simple and elegant

It will really go with any colour scheme, and technically can take our child through to teenage years.  Practical right? I also love the warmth of the grey, which is probably why I have a grey theme running throughout the house.

My other baby obsession is all things Aden + Anais. Stunning, classic children’s clothes, blankets and swaddles etc.  They believe in simplicity, safety and of course expression through style. The muslin swaddles are sooo soft. I can only imagine how beautifully they would wash.

Gorgeous patterns and soft muslin

So yes, I’m obsessed.  I will continue to update you on more stunning baby finds. I can’t wait!





It is My Blogiversary Today!

It is hard to believe that one year ago today I started my blog! My inspiration behind starting my writing was the beginning of our journey to become parents.  At the time I had turned to the internet to research adoption and look for groups or networks, but also to read about experiences that reflected ours. There really wasn’t a lot of information available, let alone being Canadian specific or involving an LGBT couple.IMG_2051

The last year has been a wonderful growth journey, we have grown as a couple and are even more prepared today to start a family.

Over the past year I have met many great people through my blog and was able to celebrate with fellow bloggers when their dream of starting a family came true.

Most importantly, my blog has given me a space to express myself and share our journey. Hopefully along the way, I have been able to help educate others who may be on their journey or thinking of starting the journey of adoption.

It hasn’t always been easy to keep up with regular posts. Out of curiosity I looked back at the number of posts I have written, and it is 52.  That means I have averaged one per week!  Whoo hoo!

Keep on reading friends, there are more great things ahead I am sure.  On my blogiversary I have asked myself, “What happens once we are matched with a child, what direction will I go with my blog?”.

My plan for the blog once we are successful in our journey is to share our experiences as new parents and all of the joy, challenges and zany adventures that will come along the way.  So please keep following and thank you for joining us on our journey.

Happy one year Blogiversary everyone! blogaversary-front-2