What is the sign for poop??


As we prepare ourselves for adventures in parenting, I have spent a lot of time researching local baby and parent swim classes, sign language and playtime groups.

One class in particular that I think is great is baby sign language. They say that your baby can begin to sign and communicate with you by the age of 8 to 12 months of age!  The theory is to be able to better understand your baby’s needs before they can verbally speak. I think key words would be great like Milk, More, Full or the ever important Poop.

I don’t think I would take it to the level of a complete song every time I changed a diaper like in this video…

but you get the idea.  It could be very useful

There are many great things out there, but the one thing that is consistent is that nearly all are targeted toward the Mommy and Me crowd.  What about Daddy?

They either all have cute titles like “Mommy and Me” or the descriptions and photos are very “Mom” specific.  What happened to Dads?

Fortunately for us we are confident enough that we would participate in playgroups, even if we were the only Dads there.  Would everyone?

To me this speaks to the need for inclusive language. As our society evolves, so does the look and dynamics of families. Many more Fathers are taking paternity leave to care for their child. Or in our case.. you have two Dads.

One great example of inclusive language used to describe baby classes is by a local private swim academy called Aqua Essence. Under the brilliant leadership of Rishona Hyman, Aqua Essence provides one on one or smaller classes.  One class offered is  Aqua Babies.  Definitely a class that we will be taking when our time comes!  When you read the description, Aqua Essence has taken a gender neutral approach in their language and avoided gender specific pronouns or Mommy specific references.  This is so easy to do, yet all baby marketing plans are targeted just at Moms.

I get it, I get it.. the number of Moms that participate in these classes out number the Dads.  Maybe that would change if we changed how we communicate and use more inclusive language?

In the mean time we will just do our thing…  and I now know the sign for Poop.


Things are going to get Craftastic up in here!

As many of you may know…. I like a good craft.  Pinterest is my addiction.  I use it for inspiration and as a pseudo vision board.  I think I have had a baby stuff Pinterest board since I first signed up back in the day.

So naturally after we built the new house, I had to have a room for sewing, crafting and now blogging… that goes without saying.  Thanks Rob!

I wanted a room where I could get away and be creative (also pay the bills and do our taxes).

Where the magic happens...
Where the magic happens…

It is in it’s early stages but it is coming along nicely if I do say so myself!

Some of my best memories as a kid was helping my Mom or watching her make my halloween costumes, or making me clothes.

Me as an exasperated clown.
Me as an exasperated clown.

Growing up we never had store bought costumes, and I think that was pretty awesome. I want the same thing for our baby.

When I look around my sewing room, I picture when it will be my turn for those late night sewing projects preparing for Christmas concerts, Halloween or school plays.  I’ve even already downloaded patterns for cloth diapers and a diaper bag.

Not to mention all of the craft projects!

I think one of the joys of being a parent will be the ability to pass on traditions, pour my love into a sewing or knitting project.

Me as a happy mouse, my sister as a sad rabbit.
Me as a happy mouse, my sister as a sad rabbit.

Even as an adult, I still dress up to hand out Halloween candy.  It will be great to actually be able to dress up to take our child trick or treating.  Yes, I will be one of THOSE parents! and I am o.k with that. 🙂

Yes, one year I went as an out house for Halloween
Yes, one year I went as an out house for Halloween





So many amazing things to share.  Now that I have the sewing room, I have no excuse.  I also know that I have several projects that need finishing…. so it is about to get CRAFTASTIC up in here!

Halloween 2014, my BFF and neighbour Jenn and I dressed up on my front porch to hand out candy
Halloween 2014, my BFF and neighbour Jenn and I dressed up on my front porch to hand out candy