A Night at the Museum

Last evening the “Get Along Gang” (as we affectionately call ourselves, because really every gang should have a moniker) decided to check out the “Adult Night” at the Manitoba Museum .

When I signed up to attend, I thought the idea of going to the museum at night and listening to photographers talk about National Geographic photos could be interesting, but I wasn’t sold.  Then I saw my ticket included free pizza and there was a bar. O.k, I was in.

Preparing to leave for the evening R asked, “Where are you off to now?”.  I explained it was an adult night at the museum and I was going to drink wine and do selfies with the taxidermy animals. Nothing really surprises him anymore with regards to my outings. I mean let’s be honest I do get up to some pretty unique events. 12717266_10153208062106829_2706021016039049867_nIn the past year R has seen me venture off to an adult summer camp night at Fort Whyte Alive, walking a corn maze in the dark, a half dozen Paint Nites, random decisions to run in a variety of races, paying to have someone lock me in a room and let me escape… the list does go on. After 12 years, such adventures are now met with an eye roll and a “Have fun”.

The evening was great.  It may have been the company.

The Get Along Gang with our final group selfie of the night.

I hadn’t been through the museum in years, so it was great to be back. It still smelled the same. Part of the concept of the evening was to have an evening at the museum for people in “my demographic” that was free from screaming children. It was accomplished, however, those of us waiting for children may have thought about how much fun they would have there with their kids.

Laughs were had by all, pictures were taken…and I can check another unique experience off my list.

In the coming months they are having another event, and apparently the Children’s Museum is offering something similar.  Stay tuned I may be roped into those ones too.

Stay tuned…