Nursery Complete!

Now that our official adoption has been finalized, Christmas is over and the house is settling down… we have finally finished the nursery!

If you remember from my prior blog post, I used this picture as my inspiration for feel Inspirationand palette.  I like the soft elegance of the colour combinations, and the easy breezy feel.  I tend to get inspired by images that aren’t pictures of rooms.  I like the way certain things make me feel, and use that as a jumping point.








The room Lily was moving into was our guest bedroom, which was still builder greige and was an empty palette to say the least. I knew I wanted to add some texture of dimension to that blank box. I decided that I would do a board and batten wainscoting in a crisp white. I thought it would elevate the space, and provide visual interest. I am so glad I did it.  I was scared at first because I’ve never done anything like that before.  I really like how it turned out!  Now I want to add the feature to several other rooms.. especially the mudroom or the main floor powder room.

So here it is.  The room really feels so much larger.


The room reads as a pink room, but it is only the accessories.



I re-purposed an old painting to create her name sign.
Pink storage boxes for change table from Ikea. Crib by Davinci from West Coast Kids

Lamp from Home Sense
Chalk Painted an old book shelf
Black out curtains from Bouclair

I opted for a Hemnes dresser from Ikea because I liked the glass top and height of the dresser. I replaced the knobs provided with crystal knobs. They cast great light when the sun hits them. Again brings in a touch of elegance.
To add in some more pink, I chalk painted the inside of a vase from sometime I was sent flowers. It turned out to be pretty great.
The floral box on top of the book shelf houses letters from Lily’s birthmom, the silver apple from Home Sense 
Crib is 4 in 1 Autumn by Davinci from West Coast Kids, Lily blanket from Lil’ Monkeys Personalized Gifts
Rabbit from HomeSense

I added a medallion molding before installing this semi flush mount light from Home Depot 

There you have it.  We now have our baby girl’s room complete!  I’m happy with the end results.  I think it is a room that can grow with her.

Next up I’ll be redoing Conor’s room.


The Cold Doesn’t Bother Me Anyway…

No I am not referring to the Winnipeg weather.  They are lyrics from Let it Go, from Disney’s Frozen and they are seared in my brain.  Frozen has currently taken over our house.

Our son has developed quite the obsession.  It is not uncommon for him to ask several times a day to watch Frozen. When he isn’t watching, he is playing with his Frozen toys, or asking Alexa to play Let it go.

Conor has now taken his Elsa obsession to a new level, including wig.

Parents of young children will feel my pain, and have likely experienced it not only with songs, movies, but especially books.

We tend to go through periods of time for different books, whether it be our months of reading the Hungry Caterpillar, then on to The Paper Bag Princess etc. etc.  Repetition is the name of the game, and you will start to feel like you are in being subjected to some kind of torture that should be outlawed under the Geneva Convention.

I was curious to see if there was a reason for this. Should he be bored of hearing the same things over and over? According to my research and an article in Today’s Parent it is perfectly normal behaviour, and in fact contributes to a child’s development. Both verbally and emotionally. Children enjoy the repetition because essentially it provides them security in knowing what comes next. They also learn through repetition, so there is that added benefit too.  Now I just have to remind myself of that when I have to Listen to “Let it Go” on repeat to and from daycare, or pretend it is the first time that I’ve ever watched Frozen or Moana.

Conor’s Dad took him to see Frozen 2 in the movie theatre. He really enjoyed it, but it wasn’t enough to get him off the original Frozen sound track. Arrgh. This too shall pass

So my advice to parents trying to get their child to try something new..  just Let it Go.

Any other parents stuck in the Frozen repeat?