We Are Not Alone

The information session at Adoptions Options went very well.  It was great to hear all of the information on the process we are starting, but more importantly it was amazing to be in a room full of people beginning the same journey toward parenthood.

We had a lot of nervousness heading into the office, but it quickly melted away as we looked around the room.

11 years later and I love this guy more each day!
11 years later and I love this guy more each day!

What gave me even more relief was to see other same-sex couples in the room.

I’m not sure why that was such a point of nerves for me; but I genuinely was going in with the uneasiness that we would be the only ones.

I think if we were, a part of me would feel that our chances of being selected were more slim.  Was it that I found solace and comfort seeing couples “like us”?  Whatever it was, I relaxed and soaked it all in.

Adoption Options is a fantastic organization that provides support and counselling to both the Birth Parents and the Adoptive Parents every step of the way.  They were warm, inviting and the information session was run by parents that had recently successfully completed the process.  It helped to reassure us that open adoption was the right choice for us.

Our next stage in the process is our first one on one meeting in the office the first week of April, followed by a weekend long education session in May.  We are moving along!  We are putting out positive thoughts, trusting in the process and believing that we will find the baby that was meant for our family.

Crazy Photobooth.  A typical goofy time with my best friend.
Crazy Photobooth. A typical goofy time with my best friend.

We have to keep our humour. And remember to laugh and enjoy the ride.  Luckily we rarely take ourselves too seriously.  We are fun, kooky and will be amazing parents.  I know it will happen for us.


What is the sign for poop??


As we prepare ourselves for adventures in parenting, I have spent a lot of time researching local baby and parent swim classes, sign language and playtime groups.

One class in particular that I think is great is baby sign language. They say that your baby can begin to sign and communicate with you by the age of 8 to 12 months of age!  The theory is to be able to better understand your baby’s needs before they can verbally speak. I think key words would be great like Milk, More, Full or the ever important Poop.

I don’t think I would take it to the level of a complete song every time I changed a diaper like in this video…

but you get the idea.  It could be very useful

There are many great things out there, but the one thing that is consistent is that nearly all are targeted toward the Mommy and Me crowd.  What about Daddy?

They either all have cute titles like “Mommy and Me” or the descriptions and photos are very “Mom” specific.  What happened to Dads?

Fortunately for us we are confident enough that we would participate in playgroups, even if we were the only Dads there.  Would everyone?

To me this speaks to the need for inclusive language. As our society evolves, so does the look and dynamics of families. Many more Fathers are taking paternity leave to care for their child. Or in our case.. you have two Dads.

One great example of inclusive language used to describe baby classes is by a local private swim academy called Aqua Essence. Under the brilliant leadership of Rishona Hyman, Aqua Essence provides one on one or smaller classes.  One class offered is  Aqua Babies.  Definitely a class that we will be taking when our time comes!  When you read the description, Aqua Essence has taken a gender neutral approach in their language and avoided gender specific pronouns or Mommy specific references.  This is so easy to do, yet all baby marketing plans are targeted just at Moms.

I get it, I get it.. the number of Moms that participate in these classes out number the Dads.  Maybe that would change if we changed how we communicate and use more inclusive language?

In the mean time we will just do our thing…  and I now know the sign for Poop.